27th January 2020

Together with Wuhan – Swire Coca-Cola In Action

Hubei Swire Coca-Cola Beverage Ltd., a subsidiary of Swire Coca-Cola, donated RMB 1.5 million in cash to the government of Wuhan Economic Development Zone (Hannan District) today for purchasing medical equipment and supplies for medical institutions or communities. In addition, 500,000 bottles of “Chun Yue” water and “Schweppes + C”, which are waiting to be dispatched, were donated to the Wuhan Charity Association for front line medical staff.

As mentioned by Ms. Karen So, Managing Director of Swire Coca-Cola, in a letter to the staff of Swire Coca-Cola Hubei before Chinese New Year, "the more challenging it is, the more resilient and courageous the employees of Swire Coca-Cola are."

To help combat the epidemic outbreak, Swire Coca-Cola Hubei set up a special emergency team in advance. Since the 25th January, it has been engaged in rescue works for three consecutive days. Let's see what they did in the past two days.

25th January
Swire Coca-Cola Hubei was in cooperation with Coca-Cola China, the professionals from Shenzhen One Foundation and YB Rescue Team, to donate 20,400 bottles of “Ice Dew” purified water to medical healthcare workers in Wuhan.

Swire Coca-Cola Hubei delivered the donated water to designated places, while Shenzhen One Foundation and YB Rescue Team picked them up and distributed to various hospitals. Around 13,000 bottles were delivered to four hospitals on 25th January. Remaining 7,000 bottles of water are to be delivered later.

26th January
Swire Coca-Cola Hubei donated 24,000 bottles of “Chun Yue” water through the Wuhan Charity Association to workers at the construction site of the Huo Shen Shan Hospital.

At 21:48, the batch of water was transferred to the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd, which is responsible for constructing the “Huo Shen Shan Hospital”.

In front of the epidemic, we stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone to fight this battle.
We will be there for you!

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