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Commitment to Sustainability

As global temperatures soared to unprecedented highs in July, the urgency to act on climate change was never more apparent. Swire Coca-Cola is determined to reduce the emissions associated with our business, while driving forward to meet our 2030 sustainability goals. Our 2022 Sustainable Development Report, unveiled on World Environment Day (June 5), affirms our commitment to be part of building a more sustainable future.

The report presents a detailed account of our performance and progress across the three pillars of our sustainable development strategy: Planet, Product, and People. We are taking decisive actions across our operating regions to reduce our environmental footprint, exceed consumer expectations, work with our business partners to drive sustainable practices, and care for our people and the communities we call home.  

Chinese Mainland: Driving Down Emissions

In the Chinese Mainland, we are driving down emissions across our value chain. In 2022, we increased the share of renewable electricity (RE) used in our local operations to 27%. Electricity consumed by our four bottling plants in Yunnan, Hangzhou, Hubei, and Wenzhou is now 100% RE.

Apart from reducing direct emissions from our core operations, we also strive to minimise our indirect emissions through strategic partnerships. We collaborated with our suppliers to develop a new type of cold drink equipment (CDE) that uses 50% less electricity. Furthermore, we engaged over 190 suppliers and other key stakeholders at a large-scale sustainability summit in Yunnan, educating and empowering our partners to share our vision for low-carbon supply chain.
In line with our sustainable development strategy “Our Choice, Our Future!”, Swire Coca-Cola is committed to collaborating with various partners to explore new models that support China in achieving its carbon neutrality target, as well as making progress towards our 2030 sustainability goals.
Dang Jian, CEO of Swire Coca-Cola China

The United States: Replenishing Water Back to Communities

Water is essential for our business, and the life-sustaining resource for communities and ecosystems. It is therefore important that we improve water security in our operating locations and protect this shared resource for the future.

In 2022, we made significant strides in water conservation in the U.S. We replenished 281% of the water used in our drinks sold in the U.S. We also donated over US$200,000 to four new replenishment projects in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.
Creating a more sustainable future requires all of us to act. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and we carefully consider all of our activities and the needs of our community so we can be good stewards of our planet and the communities in which we operate.
Rob Gehring, President and CEO of Swire Coca-Cola USA

Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan Region: Advancing Health, Safety, and Equality


In response to changing consumer preferences, we have diversified our product choice and reduced the sugar content in our beverages. In Taiwan, we have surpassed our sustainability target by reducing the average sugar content in every 100ml of our beverages by 23% since 2018.
As a people-first organization, we are just as committed to creating a safe and inclusive working environment for our employees as we are to serving our customers.

In Hong Kong, we leveraged new technology to enhance workplace safety. We implemented an Intenseye system – an AI-powered system to monitor real-time work behaviour, such as personal protective equipment usage and area control. This system has significantly improved our safety performance, reducing safety alerts by about 70% in 2022.

We also achieved an impressive 51.7% of women in managerial positions, reinforcing our commitment to gender equality.
Intenseye System Demo
Intenseye System Demo
As a responsible corporate citizen, Swire Coca-Cola endeavours to integrate sustainability considerations into all aspects of our business operations. From reducing carbon footprint to empowering our employees and fostering community development, we strive to build a sustainable future for all.
Hunter Jin, CEO of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan Operations

Moving Forward

Sustainability is one of the strategic priorities that will determine the future success of our business. We remain committed to making the right choices for our PLANET, our PRODUCT and our PEOPLE.

At Swire Coca-Cola, we recognise that sustainability depends on collective action. We invite you all to join us, inspiring actions within your own sphere of influence. We are confident that every individual’s effort can create a ripple effect, amplifying the positive impacts far beyond our imagination.
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